About us

Welcome to Inspirational Life Lessons, this is a website for everyone who wants to grow spiritually and empower others too, it is an online platform to help anyone who is ready to be transformed into the person he or she always desire.

This website is here for teachings purposes, empowerment and any one is permitted to use the materials for teaching purposes and not for sale.

the website was started by John Makongo who is a pastor of a congregation at Kitale, Lighthouse Christian Center, with a vision of helping the needy children, families and help people grow into the image of God.

It is the desire of my heart for you to be able to grow in God direction and be inspired by who God created you to be, this platform is for you to grow spiritually and help others, feel free to share our link to your friends and families and help someone who is in need.

we invite anyone who has inspirations sermon, quotes, articles to participate here and share, please send your article to surelife4@gmail.com if you have any and you feel to share, we also invite anyone with videos which are positive, good stories which can inspire someone, bible stories,real life stories and others that you feel it can inspire and motivate someone to be a better person.

take this moment and use it by encouraging that person who is desperately need your help and support to grow and become a better person, maybe you are the only person He or she is waiting for, become a blessing to the person who desperately need you.

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