8 Things on What You Need To Know Before You Can Attack the Enemy Before They Launch an Attack on You

Assault them before they hunt you down

Psalm 18:37 says “I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed.

The secret lies about our faith is that many of us believed we are to be at peace with the enemies and the world but the truth is that we are not to allow the enemies to carry out their operations in our territory therefore we ought to attack them before they attack us.

The best form of defense is to attack. When you continue to attack the powers of darkness around you through your relentless prayers and fasting then they will never have the chance to attack you. But the sad truth is that many Christians wait till they are attacked before they go into warfare.

Christianity is a race and a training camp for anyone who wants to be successful on earth which I will describe as a battlefield. Yes.

The earth is a battlefield, the race is that we need to try to make heaven and the warfare which makes it a battlefield is we have to fight against everything that wants to fight against that and against our success on earth.

No wonder the Psalmist says blessed be the most high God who has trained my hands to war In Luke 8:26-39.

our Lord Jesus had an encounter with a man possessed and living in the tomb but in that encounter our Lord Jesus had to attack the powers without waiting for them to carry out their own attack first.

I have shared this before of a man who will get our prayer points then because he was under demonic oppression and after praying the prayers first night the powers will come out at him but instead of him to continue he will tell me sir I don’t want to pray the prayers again and he will leave it.

 I gave him a message to fast more than 5 different times which he will start and he won’t complete until I didn’t hear from him again. But the last time I saw him, he has run mad.

What does it mean to attack before you are attacked

1. As a child of God, you are to pray against powers, principalities and demons that may want to attack because of your faith. It is called attacking prayers but it is the best form of defense before they attack you.
2. It is to declare yourself battle ready against the kingdom of darkness in any new territory you find yourself as our Lord Jesus did in that book or Luke 8:26-39.
3. It is praying against your foundation and witchcraft powers even when you haven’t notice or feel their attacks.

4. It is praying against powers assigned to spoil your joy even when you are in your happiest moments and everything is going smoothly.

5. It is praying and fasting against power that can stop your destiny in the future even when everything is fine with you at that moment.

6. It is praying against powers assigned to turn your children to vagabond even if they are still little to misbehave or still behaving well.

7. It is living no room for enemies to penetrate in to have access to you.

8. It is building a house with strong bulletproof fence and walls with fence security wire, security guards and CCTV cameras to prevent and discourage thieves so as not to be able to attack the house.

Prayers that brings results

It is this kind of prayer that will make the kingdom of darkness to identify you as a child of God who they cannot mess around with. Those demons told the young men, “Jesus I know, Paul I know but who are you?”* (Acts 19:15).

 Unfortunately the demon didn’t recognize these young men and because of that they were attacked and disgraced.

 But if they had prayed the prayers to attack and destroy these powers ahead through divine acceptance of the source of the power which is our Lord Jesus then the situation would have been different because the kingdom of darkness would have recognized them and it would have been according to Psalm 18:44-45

 Which says “As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me. The strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places.”*

How to react when faced by your enemy

1. You have to be genuinely born again and repent from all your sins.
2. You need to be committed to things of the Lord
3. be aggressive in your prayers and fasting, binding and casting out deliverance prayers.

4. Study the word of God and be addicted to it.

5. Free your mind from worldly pleasure which the enemy can use against you.

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