Our Today’s wives.
Proverbs 31:10-12
Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.

As we are preparing for singles fasting and prayer which will start tomorrow, I was advising sisters yesterday on which husband to pray for which I will post today in the afternoon. But this morning, we are going to see the different kind of wives available in the super market of marriage. So that single men who are searching can know what to search for and sisters who are yet to marry can decide the category they will like to belong.

A man of God once said “the next worst thing to hell fire is bad marriage” and this is why we must know what we want to pray for starting from tomorrow even before we start praying at all.
A Pastor was preaching to a brother n he said listen to this message if not u will go to hell fire and the man responded “I am in hell fire already with the kind of wife I married”. So it is a tragedy to marry a wrong wife and even women can also learn from this.

There are 4 categories of wife; bad wife, satanic wife, good wife and Godly wife.

  1. BAD WIFE: – she is beautiful at face but character wise, she is ugly.
  • she doesn’t know what is right or wrong.
  • she is sensitive to insults n encourage disunity in d husband family.
  • she is proud, arrogant and egocentric toward husband n in-laws.
  • she sees d husband’s family as a threat n intruders.
  • she never compliment her husband for any good thing he does.
  • she quarrels with d neighbour anyhow n sometimes d husband have to go to police station to bail her n pay for damages.
  • she beats her mother-in-law n abuse other members of d family
  • she is supported by her family for all d wrong things she does.
  • she feels more intelligent than her husband n thereby rude n disobedient 2 d guidance of her husband.
  • she is more concentrated in her work than her nuclear family
  • she deliberately reject d sexual moves of her husband n deprive him of sex continuously.
  • she sees house chores as punishment so she always avoid it.
  1. SATANIC WIFE: – she is an agent of darkness.
  • she came for a purpose to destroy d man
  • she sacrifice all her own children in the coven.
  • she has no good intention whatsoever for her husband but all d love n care she shows is to get d man n to destroy him at his weakest.
  • she changes d career n destiny of d man from good to worst.
  1. GOOD WIFE: – she is always interested in d progress of her family.
  • she loves n care about her in laws
  • she loves her work n still loves her family
  • she sees her husband n herself as equal
  • she knows when her husband is moody n could read his mind
  • she sometimes find solution to d problem of d family even in wrong places.
  1. GODLY WIFE: – she is an Angel for her husband.
  • she pray very hard n even fast to see d problems of her family disappear.
  • she sees her husband as d head of d family and very submissive to his guidance with prayers.
  • she gathers her family for prayers and bible reading every morning, afternoon n evening.
  • she is a virtuous woman in every aspect of life.
  • she places God first, after that is her family before any other thing.
  • she is a prayer addict n intercessor for her husband, family n marriage.
  • she prepares her husband’s favourites n delight in her husband’s interest.
  • she is a role model to new wedded wives.
  • she is spirit filled, sexually attractive to her husband n dresses to the taste of her husband.
  • she know that the man is the god in d family, just as Christ is the head of the church.

As you have read these basic facts now, the choice of whom to marry lies in your own hands, if you will wait on the Lord to choose for you or you will go ahead n just marry someone without any spiritual facts about such person.

I am praying for you that any agenda of the wicked to connect you to wrong wife in marriage shall be destroyed in Jesus name.

Note: The reason why all single sisters n brothers should participate in this fasting n prayer for singles are:

  • for God to connect you to right partners.
  • for Satan not to connect u to wrong marriage.
  • to destroyed every programmed agenda against future marriage.
  • to destroy bondage of marital delay.
    If you are interested in participating in the online 3days fasting n prayer for singles, call/WhatsApp Pastor Amos to register. U can participate from anywhere in the world n registration is by sowing sacrificial seed towards it so only those who truly have faith can participate.
    Registration closes on the 9th of April 2019.

U can call Pastor Amos on +2348188864503 for prayers, counseling, spiritual assistance and deliverance between 10am – 2pm Monday – Friday.
U can also visit for spiritual counselling and assistance in Lagos every Monday and Friday 10a.m. – 3p.m.
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