The enemy is wickedly wicked

Gen. 49:3,4 “Reuben, you are my firstborn,
My might and the beginning of my strength, The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. Unstable as water, you shall not excel,…”

Every married couple pray to have a child but there is always a battle waiting for the first child that comes into the family. Throughout the Bible, when you go through history the firstborn are always in the danger of problems; start from the man Adam to Cain, Esau to Jacob, Reuben to Joseph, Mannaseh to Ephraim etc, although this is not the plan of God for first born but the devil has changed the agenda of God that even when God was angry with Pharaoh, He had to kill his first born.

The first born is the:

  • might of his parent and the one who prove to the world that they are complete human.
  • They are the beginning of father’s strength
  • They are the Excellency of dignity and POWER of the parent
  • They are the ones who takeover from their Father and become the head of the family.
  • They are the pillars of the family and the ones expected to do well than others.

Satan knows the facts about first born which is why he has programmed problems for them and that problems started from Cain when he offered unworthy sacrifice to the Lord and God rejected it which led to Cain killing his brother Abel who’s sacrifice was accepted by God.

In Gen. 48:17-20, Israel was blessing Joseph’s children Mannaseh and Ephraim and he intentionally transferred the blessings of first child to the younger child. And verse 19, “he said surely his younger brother shall be greater than him”

In our world today, hardly will you see first born who doesn’t have difficulties while in those areas of his/her challenges the younger ones will be doing well.
For this reason, they need the deliverance prayers:

  • to destroy the curse of thou shall not excel placed on Reuben the first born of Israel.
  • to destroy the agenda of enemy to transfer their birthright to the younger ones.
  • to put them in the plan of God and to make sacrifices that is acceptable.
  • to cancel the exchange pattern of parents to make sure their favourite child becomes better than any child in the family.
  • to destroy the Spirit of hatred between fathers and their first born once other children steps in.
  • to ask God for success and for the head not to be the tail. To retain their position as the head of the family materially, financially, physically and spiritually.

A sister visited me for counseling, she is the first female child in the family but all other children are doing well except herself the first female child and the brother the first male child.

Both of them are not married, no job and things are just too rough for them and their younger ones who are doing well are the ones who accommodated them and sometimes cloth them but when they pray the first born deliverance prayer points after they have sowed the sacrificial seed that provoke heaven, that night they had the same dream of working for their younger ones and those ones were enjoying but they are in rags.

When they woke up they held each other and continue to pray the prayers aggressively. It was that year the sister got married n travel out and that brother too is doing fine now cos I just went to bless his house built somewhere at Ikorodu Lagos last week.

The enemy is wickedly wicked and until we become spiritually aggressive about our situation, things may never change. The Lord told me this afternoon that there are 15 first borns who will experience divine touch during this 7days fasting and prayer if they can provoke heaven with their sacrificial seed and says U should try Him and u will testify.

I pray that every battle of the first born whether female first born or first male child, today God shall deliver you from those battles in the name of Jesus

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