Christians sometimes separate their faith from their business

I know men who preach living by faith in the church and cash on the takings in the business office. I am told that they tried to run their business like the world. Funny thing about that is that I have seen much more mercy in the business world than I saw practiced in the church. What an inditement on their testimony?

When the brethren err or sin we devour them. They were only wounded, but we performed what is ironically called the coup de grace. We who have received mercy show no mercy to our own or the lost.

We try to manipulate the politics of our church and will feed a good preacher, teacher, or member to the wolves if they get in the way of our plans. Some Preachers build their kingdoms and not His kingdom, abusing and scattering the sheep they were meant to feed and protect.

We need to relearn the sovereignty of God and not party and plunder in His Church.

We are supposed to be a nation built in the foundations of His Word and yet we have kicked Him out of our schools and courts. Is it any wonder that we have crimes in the schools and no justice in the courts?

We are a nation built on the right to religious freedom and yet we cannot pray where we want or speak our faith when and where we please. Courts and schools abridge and deny our “inalienable rights.”

Have friends over for Bible study on a routine basis and if the city finds out you will be ruled as a church and be fined for breaking the law. However, a neighbour can have friends over for all kinds of reasons and no one would raise an eyebrow. Cars could be all over the neighbourhood on match Sunday or every Monday before that.

They may line the streets as groups have obscene and offensive parades. No law would be broken nor any questions asked. Ah, but weekly Bible Studies constitute a church and we must be very careful where those are located and how often they meet.

In God we trust for our freedom and liberty. But, ‘God’ is often just a swear word used but He is not welcome in our country anymore. Separation of church and state meant that the state had no control over the church not that the church is banned from any influence on the state.

Christians see God as a big Buddy and not the Lord. Men dare to make merchandise of Him and fleece people in His name. We treat Him like a big fire escape and a Divine gift dispenser. We have no fear or awe of Him.

We have Him all figured out and moulded into our image. We have His pager number and He is on 24/7 call just for us. We have no true understanding of sin and we just play church.

Our fellowships are just parties with a devotional or a prayer tacked on to make it Christian. We are in control of His church and not Him.

Our service, if any, is sporadic and emotionally dictated. When it is not fun anymore or we are no longer fulfilled we quit. If we are not fed we whine and try a new playground.

In some churches entertainment is the ‘in thing’ and one would be forgiven if they were to think they had gone into a nightclub by mistake. We are to be in the world but not of the world. There is to be a very obvious difference. We need to stop playing church and get real.

Christ has done so much for each and every one of us, by giving His all on the cross of Calvary how shall we not then freely give Him all things in turn? But, we never learn. Each generation never learns from the history.

God spoke through His prophets and He is speaking through His Word to us today. Awaken people! God is a fair and just God and judgement will fall on a sinful and rebellious people and nation.

May you each one say “I joyed when to the House of God, go up they said to me.” As you go to church on Sunday. May you have a restful weekend too.
By pastor Eileen Miller

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