God Who avenges on your behalf

They learned patience. God avenged them, but in His own time. They learned dependence and trust in Him. In none of those times did their wisdom or military might deliver them. When they finally did achieve a military victory against the Edomites in verses 17-19 they knew it was from God. All of this seems to have taught them obedience and repentance since holiness was a part of the deliverance and possession of Edom. They learned again the lessons of Job. They had lost things in the past, but when God did His work among them, they received much more than what they had lost to the Edomites. (Vs. 19,20) Finally, in verse 21, the saviours or the saved ones shall be judges or rulers in the land of the Edomites and the kingdom will be the Lords. It is not really the Israelites’ kingdom. It is God’s kingdom. He gave it to them and He could take it away. They were merely stewards and recipients of the gift.
Ok, you say, the history lesson was fine. What has all that to do with us? Christians definitely need to learn the lessons that the Israelites learned. We are often as forgetful and doubtful as they were.
Christians and this nation need to learn from the errors of the Edomites as well. We are a greedy people. The west consume most of the assets of this planet. We have so much more than anyone else does and yet we demand more. Sadly, Christians are not immune from this sickness. We need to reassess and determine to make our needs equal to Scriptural principles and our priorities those that affect eternity.
Great Britain as a nation, have a history of disloyalty. We have made many treaties and broken many promises to our own people as well as our allies. Christians have broken many promises to God, each other, and the lost that looked to us in trust because of our profession of faith.
As a nation, we trust in our “eagle”. We thought ourselves invincible because of geography until technology brought war to our shores in 1941. Now death and destruction can come from anywhere by many more means than ever imaginable in the history of mankind. We trusted in our intellect. So, now our education system struggles to even give us functionally literate high school graduates. We trusted in our military might and now even our best technology had some failures in a battle against the fourth largest military force in the world. What is worse is that force was made up of tired tanks and troops that were even more tired and we still achieved no real victory. We have had no real victories since WWII and still we trust in our weapons.
Christians trust in the same things. They think Britain is a Christian nation. It is so only in name. In practice, we are as pagan as ancient Rome or Greece. We are polytheistic. We worship apes, men, sex, money and the list is truly unending. We believe the answer to our problem lies in political power. We think the causes of those problems are the heathen Liberals and sinners of all stripes. A third, fourth or fifth party is not the answer. The answer is repentance and revival. The cause is our loss of focus and our dependence and trust in other things than God. Until those things change our nation and churches cannot be healed nor delivered. (II Chron 7:14) All those things failed the Edomites that trusted in their eagle’s nest. May our eagle not have to learn the same lesson or suffer the same fate. God can make it mighty sore where our eagle soars as He did in Edom.
As a nation, we have had treacherous politicians and business magnates that have shown no mercy. They have lived for their own profit and programs and woe be it unto any that stood in their way. We may never know the truth about many things that have happened even in our lifetime and we know history has often been revised to protect the guilty. Many loyal workers have been disposed of like leftovers when it suited the company. Politicians have casually broken many promises. We live in an age where none of them are trusted. Unborn children have been killed and cut away like warts or parasites because their own mothers and lawyer-politicians have no mercy. Now Northern Ireland is set to legalise abortion also. God has always despised child sacrifice. Woe to Northern Ireland if this is allowed to happen. God will not stand back and tolerate it. What is the Church, our politicians, our society and you and me doing about it? We will have to answer to God individually as well as a nation. God have mercy on us! Selah! Lord, help us to stand and let our voices be heard in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

By Dr. Pastor Eileen Miller

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